China Professional Helical Gear Rack with Great quality

When your machine’s precision motion drive exceeds what can easily and economically be achieved via ball screws, rack and pinion is the logical choice. Our products are precision ground and meet AGMA 9 specs. Best of all, our gear rack comes with indexing holes and mounting holes pre-bored. That saves you lots of time, hassle and expense. Just bolt it to your frame.

If your travel length is more than can be obtained from a single length of rack, no problem. Precision machined ends allow you to butt additional pieces and keep on going.

Gear Rack 24*24*1000mm m2 helical

Right-hand corner

Specification parameter

width:24mm, thickness:24mm, length:1000mm


The number of teeth:Z=150

Pressure angle:a=20°

Addendum coefficient:ha=1

Tooth type:Right-hand corner 19°31′42″

Precision grade:National standard 5

Production process:Grind

Hardness treatment:Tooth surface quenching HRC50-55°